Laptop Samsung QX410 Reviews

The Good Eggs - Harga Laptop Samsung QX410 provides best looks and value with its elegant designs and well equipped features. The weight of the machine is five pounds in Intel Core i5 460M processor used. It comes with the wireless display technology of Intel, battery saving Optimus technology, NVIDIA Geforce 310 Graphics and many other great features at %$799.

Laptop Samsung QX410


This system is encased in the silvery aluminum with sophisticated metal treatment. There is upscale feel from the lid and deck of Samsung QX410. Daftar harga laptop samsung, The logo of Samsung is crafted in the reflective metallic letters. The measurements of the laptop are 13.7 x 9.7 x 1.1 inches. It can be fitted easily into the standard laptop bag. The black plastic of the laptop is smooth and it provides good look as well. There is circular power button included in the system above the keyboard with subtle blue LED, wireless on and off buttons and volume and mute controls. The overall look of the system is minimalist.


Samsung QX410 is kept cool despite of limited openings or vents. Myspesifikasi laptop, The underside remained at 87 degrees even when playing full screen video for 15 minutes. Anything is considered to be hot for the laptop which is above 100 degrees.

Keyboard and touchpad

Island style keyboard of the Samsung QX410 is nice to use. There are used silver aluminum frames in the keyboard and on the notebook lid as well. Harga laptop terbaru 2017, The keyboard has the chiclet keys with well spaced area. The backlight of the keyboard is the missing feature which can be found on many expensive notebooks.

The touchpad is 3.9 x 2.3 inches which is available beneath the keyboard. There are gestures like two-finger scrolling and pinch to zoom included on the touchpad of the system. The opening apps and desktop navigation was a breeze.

There are some issues found with the clickpad feature of the system. The touchpad can become depressed when center of the keypad is clicked so double tap will be required to start an action. You can also initiate the action by clicking on the left button area. Laptop Samsung terbaru, It can be difficult to select the text on the webpage.

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