Harga Sony Vaio - The company says that the Intel Core 2 Duo processor boasts a 2.1 Ghz processing speed, and having a nice amount of memory such as the 3GB that it comes with, makes it a powerhouse of a laptop. It can be upgraded to carry another 1GB of memory for a total of 4GB’s. It has built in Wi-Fi for internet on the go, and a DVD/Rewritable disk drive for watching your favorite movies. A nice graphics card fills it all out so playing the latest games is a snap without too much draw on memory.

With a 15.4 inch monitor and built in 1.3 megapixel camera, this laptop will allow you to have video chats with friends and family without having to hook up an external camera.


Having Windows Vista pre-installed on the system, including Windows Media Center, allows you to turn your laptop into a multi-functional personal entertainment center in a portable way. Harga laptop terbaru 2017. This can be done without the hassle of wiring your home surround sound and DVD player to your TV.

People who purchased the Sony Vaio VGN-FZ440E/B 15.4” Laptop seem to be split on whether they love it or hate it. The owners who feel it is a five star purchase cannot say enough glowing things about it. As for the people who did not like it, a few went so far as returning it.

A few of the complaints involved the use of Windows Vista as the operating system. This is something that people either adore, refusing to use anything else, or they hate it and refuse to have it installed on any computer they are using. If you fall into this second group of people, harga laptop sony. you may as well not waste your time and money purchasing this product. You will only end up wanting a new operating system, and that is a huge part of the price of any computer.

There have been some complaints also of the computer simply crashing for no apparent reason, myspesifikasi laptop. While for those owners it did not prove to be that much of an issue because the laptop did start back up, they did find it somewhat annoying, never knowing when the computer would crash.

Another small complaint of the Sony Vaio VGN-FZ40E/B 15.4” Laptop is an issue with the web cam quality. It was stated that the images appear somewhat grainy and unpleasant to watch. As most people who purchase computers do so more with the idea of computer performance, this may not seem like a big deal. However, for those who use web cams a lot, this can be very irritating, daftar harga laptop sony. There may be a way to add your own web cam to the laptop, and it may be a much better quality one.

There were a very few issues of some people not being able to stay connected to the internet using this laptop. It seems to disconnect all by itself, as well as having trouble with the speed of internet while it IS connected, harga laptop acer aspire. This is a laptop that you may want to research a bit, and try talking to current owners of the product before committing yourself to buying one.

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