The Good Eggs - A visit to my bedroom closet quickly revealed an old Toshiba 1805-S207 which has sat in retirement for many a year now. This poor machine was never considered a fast operating notebook computer but it did its job and that was all that was necessary. It would crawl along at a snails pace providing a view of my desired documents in a slow but sure manner. I recently was glancing at the advertising pamphlets which come in our Sunday paper and discovered a Toshiba A135-S4527 on sale for less then $600 dollars. So it was off to the computer store for me, harga laptop toshiba satellite.


I am a big fan of Toshiba products in particular their notebook computers so I was basically joyed to discover this sale with such a fine machine. Myspesifikasi laptop, I entered the store and quickly made my purchase. Jumping back in the car I headed home to try out my new “toy”. I just couldn’t wait.

On the ride home I reviewed in my mind many of the features that were advertised for this Satellite system by Toshiba. For the price the specifications were very acceptable in deed. It had an Intel Core Duo T2080 processor operating at 1.73GHz. It comes with Microsoft Windows Vista – Home Premium edition operating system along with 1GB of RAM, harga laptop terbaru 2017. The hard drive left a little to be desired being only a 120GB Hitachi.

I was particularly impressed with the monitor screen which featured a 15.4” Tru-Brite WXGA with a resolution of 1280 x 800. It boasted of an Intel GMA950 Graphics card which should provide some crystal clear – razor sharp images to that screen.

I was just about to my home at this time and as I turned the corner I could see my family waiting patiently near the front steps. We unloaded the computer and went into our home to test it out.

As I had expected upon opening the box, the initial thing that caught my attention was the screen. I have always been annoyed with the high glare screens often found in notebook computers and took a few minutes to see how distracting the glare would be on this machine, harga laptop toshiba. The “Tru-Brite” screen was not anywhere nearly as annoying as many other ones I had viewed. It provided a bright view of the screen without the undo glare.

I found the screen itself to be of good quality with no leaking near the edges and the associated backlighting appeared to be even. This screen featuring the “Tru-Brite technology,” more then exceeded my expectations.

The case was constructed of thick plastic which is black on the inside as well as the bottom with an outer shell of gray, laptop asus harga 2 jutaan.

My oldest son approached the machine and began his investigation of its acceptability. He made note of the classic Toshiba sound dial located on the front of the notebook. Daftar harga laptop toshiba, This is the master volume control. It required several turns of this dial to adequately adjust it from the high volume to its no volume position. The speakers were of moderate quality. There are sound jacks located upon the front of the system. This was especially attractive to my son whose major interest was his MP3 collections.

I was really impressed with this notebook considering the price tag on it. It will easily serve as a student machine or as a traveling computer for business.

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