TOSHIBA SATELLITE - Here we will review a real “Take along computer”. This Toshiba Satellite A305D-S6831 is a student’s dream come true. This particular model shares just about the same design as its larger more costly big brother but might have fewer features in order to reduce the cost. Still it is a highly functioning machine with dual-core processing, built in Wi-Fi® compliant wireless internet, LabelFlash™ technology and more. Harga laptop toshiba. The Toshiba Satellite A305D-S6831 is a 2.2GHz AMD Turion™ 64 dual-core type mobile technology TL-64 processor which provides more then enough muscle power for just about any purpose whether it is student related or busy in the workplace. 


The notebook operating system is the genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium edition which provides user friendly operation and a secure operating system platform. The integrated 10/100 Ethernet combined with the Wi-Fi® compliant wireless card quickly puts you on the internet and before long you are rapidly roaming the web like a pro. Harga laptop terbaru 2017. With its built-in microphone, webcam and harmon kardon® speakers you are able to add voice and video to your chat sessions when talking to family and friends. Let the family see what your school dorm looks like or show off the babies to the friends in another state. In either case you will be sending clear, crisp images from your webcam and perfect sound from the microphone.

A DVD/CD Super Multi drive with the patented Labelflash™ will complete your laptop’s multimedia package.

You will miss nothing with these units 15.4″ TruBrite® diagonal widescreen LCD display. As for storage space – you will have plenty of space to store your digital photos, MP3 Music files, documents and other saved data with your 250GB hard drive. You can easily add unique quality labels to your CDs or DVDs that you create with the LabelFlash™ compatible optical drive.

Much of the information relating to the Toshiba Satellite A305D-S6831 is similar to that information found for the Intel-based A305. The reason for this is that the A305D is in essence the same notebook except for a few different items located inside, harga Toshiba Satellite C640.

An interesting note concerning this Toshiba notebook is that every part on it appears glossy. This applies from the LCD screen to the keyboard. Daftar harga laptop toshiba. The reason for this glossy look is that Toshiba is showing off their newly developed Fusion finish which is suppose to be more durable then anything used previously. You will find this finish on just about every part of your new notebook computer. Durability is an important feature in any notebook and the computer manufacturers are taking the feature very seriously. In the past many of the glossy finishes put on computers tended to dull or to become highly scratched after a short period of time. Myspesifikasi laptop, This revolutionary Fusion finish developed by Toshiba and put on all their current laptops has yet to become scratched even after repeated attempts to do so. This is particularly good for students who continually remove and replace their notebook computers to their backpack during their daily class schedule.

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